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"A splendid affair that starts with a killer riff, then has verses that just about get all the words in, the song just grips you. Every Side Of The Abyss is an outstanding offering"

-I Don't Hear A Single

"Melodic and guitar-driven, the album is a statement against the modern pitfalls of society, one that is enthralled with the commodification of everything, even music as we know it. Take album opener “Turdnt Awn,” for instance, a song that makes no mistake in calling out cheaper, commercialized forms of music and art. It’s that punk rock attitude that really makes this album a force of nature."


"Time for some powerpop."

-Toilet Ov Hell

""The Boxcar Suite excel at creating those magic moments. Moving from urgent punk to 60s, Byrds-esque harmonies with ease, The Boxcar Suite craft songs with the energy of a band that’s been jamming together for years. It just sounds so natural."

-Glide Magazine

"Tim Pritchard and company are back with a whole new slew of madcap anthems. Americana/alt-rock, heavy on the songcraft, x-tra light on the cheese. Some of these tunes are so clever, you'll wonder where they even come up with this stuff. Jangly Paisley Underground-y numbers, uncluttered and to the point. The guitar tones once again rip it up on this LP, and the vocal harmonies are spot on (I'll say it again: This band shines when they get those HUGE vocal harmonies snaking around the riffs), and the arena-shakers are once again slapping you around. Highly recommended if you want a shakedown."

-Nerve Salad

"It’s a melodic, crunchy, guitar driven record, and while overall more concise, the band still wanders on and off the path, incorporating what Pritchard and Moore refer to as the “jangle twang” combination of 12 string and fuzz guitars as well as presenting the groups most blithering altered states yet."

-Little Star PR

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